We are a benchmark company in the field of handmade tiles and relief or edge tiles. At AZULEJOS HISPALCERÁMICA we maintain the tradition inherited from the Andalusian potters, creators of tiles based on geometric motifs. These can still be enjoyed in universal works of art such as the Alhambra in Granada, the Alcazar in Seville or the Mosque of Cordoba. The craftsmanship, hand-painted tiles, plain or in relief, pieces that last through the centuries and that make HISPALCERÁMICA tiles different from any other on the market. The formulas of our glazes, some of them, such as the copper reflection glaze, are unique. The shapes, the colours, the desire to improve and the continuous adaptation to new trends make HISPALCERÁMICA tiles the most valued detail by architects, decorators and professionals all over the world.


   The tile lends grandeur to the space, creating an area where plants, water and light merge and overlap in a harmonious and relaxing tone, reminiscent of the beautiful Arab palaces of yesteryear. As in those palaces, the mixture of heterogeneous elements achieves an aesthetic balance that is hard to beat.


   In addition to the traditional designs with an unmistakable Arabic flavour and the beautiful Sevillian style that is increasingly appreciated, at AZULEJOS HISPALCERÁMICA we have created innovative and avant-garde mosaic models in accordance with the new tastes in architecture and decoration.